Do you know 37 percent of couples get engaged between November and February of each year? So what makes this time the best of the year? Let’s get to know how to throw the best proposal.

Have you got your heart snatched away by someone or it’s your parents putting you into the marriage thing? Well! In both cases you need to propose to your partner. Ring is the most important part of a proposal and you have to select it according to the likes and dislikes of your partner.

Read the article till the end because we have brought to you the ultimate proposal guide that will tell you the best time to propose and which ring you should give to your partner.

Let’s get in.

What Kind Of Marriage Proposal Has The Highest Success Rate?

1.  The Christmas Proposal

Christmas is the holiday season and 15% proposals are accepted in this season. It is when many people decide to ask their special someone to get married. So, between December 24th and January 1s many people propose to their partners and get married.  

2.  Valentine’s Day Proposal

Is there any day better than Valentine’s Day to confess your love to someone and decide to make them your forever? More than 36% of people decide to propose to their partner on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year. 8% of these proposals are accepted.

20% of men think that Valentine's Day is the most romantic day to propose. This is so because it is all about being romantic, being in love or it is just a traditional love day.

3.  New Year’s Day

Another important day to propose is New Year’s Day. 38% of couples get hooked this time because it is all about celebrating.

Besides these hot days, some people choose to propose randomly. However, most popular dates for proposal success are:

  • December 25
  • December 24
  • January 1
  • December 18
  • February 14

Now you know all about the proposal success rate and dates, the next step is to choose the ring for your partner to propose to them.

Picking the ring

When it comes to picking a ring to propose to your partner, surprises are less common. Three out of four people getting proposed get surprises. However, nearly 80% drop hints to their partners about what they want.

While diamonds are still the most popular center stone, moissanite is becoming more popular among the Gen Z. Yellow gold is still on the rise like forever with 11% more couples choosing it over white gold.

So, when it comes to planning the perfect proposal it is all about selecting the perfect ring. The perfect ring is different for each person. Trends are changing and several gemstones are available instead of diamonds. So, wedding rings are not just about diamonds now. Moreover, dozens of settings and styles are available. Therefore, do your homework and figure out what can melt your love’s heart.

Keep reading to know what you need to know before getting a ring and come on knees to propose your better half.

Bride Types and Rings

1.  The minimalist bride

These types of brides prefer a subtle and delicate style so Felicegals 1.0ct Baguette Cut Moissanite Solitaire Ring or Diamond Engagement Solitaire Ring will go best for them. These rings have a single gemstone on the band with solitaire cut. Your partner is going to love this ring if you are going to propose to them on Valentine’s Day. After all, it is all about keeping it traditional.

2.  The Classic Bride

Classic brides often go for a timeless solitaire ring to symbolize their love. So, a round-cut solitaire ring can be perfect for them. If you want it to stay in budget and quality then you can get 1.5ct Round Cut Moissanite Solitaire Ring Set 2pcs or 1.0ct Round Cut Moissanite Twisted Solitaire Ring. Your partner is going to love it on Christmas day.

3.  The Sustainable Bride

The most popular brides now are the sustainable brides. They prefer lab grown stones which are both ethical and environment friendly. Moreover, they are cost effective. You can get an opal, moss agate or moissanite ring for these brides. If your partner is more into sustainability then you can go for Oval Moss Agate Leafy Engagement Ring or 1ct Roundness Moissanite Rose Gold Ring to impress your bride.

4.  The Maximalist Bride

If your partner is more into extravagance and bling then you can consider a ring with a large hexagonal diamond. Moreover, you can go for bold and opulent designs featuring large and uniquely cut gemstones with intricate details. Felicegals Hexagon Cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds Cluster Ring or Geometric Hexagon Moss Agate Marquise Engagement Ring will set well for proposing this partner on any event.

5.  The Heirloom Bride

Heirloom brides appreciate tradition and sentimental value. They often inherit or cherish family heirloom rings. However, if you don’t have such a treasure to propose to your girl. Don’t worry Felicegals 1.0ct Byzantine Moonstone Vintage Ring is going to impress your girl at any cost.

6.  The Nonconformist Bride

Nonconformist brides prefer unconventional and distinctive styles that reflect their individuality. For these types of brides you can get Felicegals Unique Moss Agate Engagement Ring or Marquise Cut Moissanite Wedding Band. These brides love to be proposed on New Year eves. So, make your move.

Other tips for Proposal Success

  • Take your time to plan the proposal carefully.
  • If it aligns with your partner's values and family dynamics you should consider asking for their parents or guardians blessing before proposing.
  • Well! You don't need to memorize a script but you should have an idea of what you want to say.
  • If possible, arrange for a photographer or videographer to subtly capture the proposal.
  • Incorporate elements that are meaningful to your relationship like a favorite song or your partners’ favorite flowers.
  • Stay confident while kneeling.
  • Plan a special celebration or dinner to follow the proposal.
  • After the proposal, have a heartfelt conversation about your feelings.

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