This wedding season, Felicegals is all about giving back, to you and to the great land we all share together.

*All of our stones are responsibly sourced with consciousness.

*All rings are customizable just for you, and for free.

*All rings are discounted 12% off with code wedding12.

As the wedding season "falls", we gather some of the most-requested styles of rings this year to celebrate the wonderful season of love and commitment for your loved ones and for the land. Whether you're an earthy queen, a dreamy princess, a unique bride or an elegant lady, you can find the ring that is just for you here in Felicegals. If not, just remember that we will always make you the perfect custom ring!

Earthy Queen

A mountain-top proposal at the Skageflå, a rainforest wedding at Hoh Rainforest or an anniversary trip at Mt. Batur...Nature is earthy queens' best friend. These responsibly sourced nature-inspired Moss Agate rings seem to be the perfect answers to the very question.

Elegant Lady

Effortless, sophisticated, elegant and classy, there are so many words to describe a lady but when it comes to the lady of your dream, you know words can't do it justice, only the forever spark and incandascence of these everlasting moissanite.

Unique Bride

Forget about white dresses, diamond rings and bouquets or whatever that comes in the norm. This is for the brides that are never afraid to break the tradition and show their individuality. There are no better stone choices than these black rutilated quartz and salt & pepper diamonds.

Dreamy Princess

Calling all dreamy princesses! What could better compliment a sparkly , whimsical, fantasy-like love tale than these unique opal stones that basically has the whole universe inside. A true dreamy ring is only fitting for a true princess of your life.