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Opal is the gemstone with rich history and is well known to symbolize hope, purity and joy. People love it for its color changing effect. Just like the weather turns sweet in October, Opal is the gemstone of October due to its unique colour spectrum and beauty.

So, if your partner is October born and you want to give a ring to her or propose to her, then read the article till the end. You will get to know all about why Opal Rings are best for October.

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History of Opal

The history of Opal is as colorful as the gemstone itself is. The name Opal is derived from the Latin word Opalus which in ancient Roman means the kaleidoscopic beauty. Opal has been treasured for centuries in ancient civilizations including the Greeks and Arabs. They have considered it a symbol of good fortune.

Besides its symbolic fame, the Opal has also faced periods of superstition due to its iridescent and ever-changing colors. Some people believe it brings bad luck because it changes colors. This premium gemstone regained popularity during the 19th century in Europe and particularly in Victorian England. Today, it stands as a beloved gemstone of many because it symbolizes hope, purity, and joy. Moreover, it is a lucky stone for those born in October.

Symbolism of Opal

Opal holds a strong symbolism that excels its aesthetic beauty. As Opal is the birthstone for October, the gemologists derive many meanings from it making it a multifaceted gem. Due to its extraordinary beauty Opal is associated with hope and signifies optimism and positivity. It brings prosperity into the lives of those who wear it. Opal also symbolizes purity and it is evident from the gem's luminescent and pristine appearance. Due to this it is also linked to purity of heart and spirit.

Furthermore, Opal represents joy as it captures the happiness of life with its vibrant play of colors. Its ever-changing hues are one of the best natural creations and serve as a reminder of the manifold joys one can find in the world. Ultimately, Opal is the signature gemstone to celebrate the spirit of October born individuals and offers them a dazzling source of inspiration and delight.

This unique feature enhances the beauty of Opal rings and the dynamic play of colors within an Opal creates a sense of movement that continually surprises and delights. That’s why Opal rings are in high demand.

Opal Ring Buying Guide

Opal rings are perfect for any occasion and you can use them as a replacement for diamonds. This is especially true when your partner is an environmental freak. Lab grown Opals are also high in demand because they don’t need conventional mining and labour. So, you can make the Opal wedding or engagement rings your choice to celebrate the big day with your partner.

While purchasing an Opal ring you should consider the following key factors to make it sure that you are going to make an informed and satisfactory choice:

Gemstone Quality

You should start by assessing the quality of the Opal. First of all you should look for vibrant and distinct colors with good play-of-color because it is considered the hallmark of a high-quality Opal. Moreover, Opal comes in various types, such as Black Opal, White Opal, Crystal Opal, and more. Each type has a unique characteristic. So, you should choose one that aligns with your preferences.

Color, Cut and Shape

Opal can display a wide range of colors. Firstly, you should decide if you prefer fiery reds, oceanic blues, or a mix of hues and then go for considering the personal taste and the recipient's preferences.

Opal can be often cut into cabochons. The shape can vary from oval to round, pear, and more. So, you should select a shape that appeals to you or suits the style of your partner.

Moreover, opal can range from translucent to opaque. You should decide how much transparency you desire, as it can impact the gemstone play-of-color and overall appearance.


Many types of settings are available for the Opal ring. Remember that a secure setting often with prongs is essential to protect the gemstone. The popular choices made by enthusiasts include solitaire, halo, and vintage settings.

Choosing the metal for your band is also dependent on personal preferences. You can get silver, gold or platinum settings. However, make it sure that your choice complements with the skin tone of your partner and the hues of the gemstones.


Set a budget based on your preferences and the gemstone quality. Opals vary widely in price. Therefore, it’s essential to find a balance between quality and cost.

Felicegals Opal Rings

Felicagals is a trendsetter in the industry of exquisite jewelry. They offer a unique and symbolic collection of Opal teardrop engagement rings. According to legends, Opals were born from the tears of joy shed by the creator god, transforming into stunning gemstones that symbolize happiness and the beauty of life. Keeping this in view, Felicegal has created their Opal collection.

These Opal rings are available in Pear Cut, Oval Cut, Round Cut, Emerald Cut, and Marquise Cut. They are designed to capture the essence of happiness and celebrate the most special moments in life.

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Lab Opal & Moissanite Halo Rose Gold Ring


The  Felicegals Lab Opal Engagement Ring is a symbol of love and eternal commitment. Crafted in exquisite 14k rose gold, this ring boasts a stunning 5mm round Lab Opal at its centre, radiating with captivating, ever-changing colors. Encircling the Opal is a delicate floral-inspired marquise Moissanite halo, evoking the timeless charm of an antique masterpiece. The Moissanite accents, renowned for their VS to VVS clarity, contribute 0.41ct of total carat weight, lending a dazzling brilliance to this piece. Get you hands on this amazing piece in just $959.

October 17, 2023 — Felicegals Admin