The jewelry industry experiences evolving trends as each season shapes the world. We saw some really exciting trends still trending in the past two years like moss agates. This year, an increasing number of individuals are captivated by kite cut engagement rings. This shape of rings has existed for a long long time but it isn’t really a trend up until recently. This captivating shape has created a buzz with its alluring geometric design.

Kite engagement ring, an exquisite blend of fashion, innovation, and classicism. Its center stone, cut in the distinct kite shape, radiates with vibrant brilliance reminiscent of unique works of art. The captivating kite design evokes a powerful visual impact and captures a sense of style that is bold and independent—a statement challenging convention with individuality. Kite also represents the hope of flying high and carefreeness, the positivity it sends is also what the people need in this era. It's no wonder that more and more people are choosing these distinctive kite-shaped rings to seal their engagements.


Let's dive into the charm of kite-shaped engagement rings. This ring is a 14k gold retro-style ring adorned with a mesmerizing 6*9mm salt&pepper at its center. This exquisite piece emanates an enchanting blend of art-deco and vintage aesthetics, transporting us back to a glamorous bygone era.


We can now turn our attention to the captivating 14k gold kite-shaped engagement ring, featuring a radiant 7*11mm moissanite at its core. This timeless piece effortlessly exudes sophistication and charm, embodying both a romantic and contemporary aesthetic ideal.


This unique 14k rose gold engagement ring in the Gothic style. This stunning ring features a kite-shaped design and showcases a salt&pepper measuring 6*8mm. It symbolizes individuality and rebellion against traditional aesthetics, celebrating personal expression.

The rise of kite cut engagement rings shows our relentless pursuit of innovation and individuality, signifying a departure from conventional and traditional jewelry choices. Each kite cut engagement ring possesses its own captivating narrative and aesthetic value. While some people still favor the timeless allure of traditional engagement rings, we readily embrace the infusion of novel elements and forms because who's to say that kite cut rings won't become the new classics?

July 14, 2023 — Felicegals Admin