The era of diamond as a gemstone of every wedding ring seems to be over now because much cheaper options are available in the market now. One of such options is Moissanite, which is an alternative for diamonds for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just to show love to their partner.

In the market, the moissanite rings range from hundred to several thousand US dollars but it is cheaper than diamond. Where 1 carat diamond can cost you over $1500, a 1 carat moissanite is just going to take $600 from your pocket. However, the price greatly depends on many factors like physical properties including hardness, clarity, brilliance and above all size of the stone.

In this article, you will get to know how the quality of moissanite rings affects the price and how much a good moissanite ring costs.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a laboratory grown gemstone that is made of silicon carbide. In nature, it is found inside meteorites and was discovered some 120 years ago. When the composition of this stone was known scientists discovered that it can be made in the lab without affecting the environment.

Besides being the most environmentally friendly stone, moissanite is also famous because it can be found in a variety of cuts. So, the jewellers can use it in engagement rings and other items just according to the choice of their customers.

As compared to diamond, moissanite is a cheap stone that has brilliance and vibrance exactly similar to diamond. That’s why many people could not differentiate it from the diamond except those having deep knowledge of jewelry. Therefore, it is becoming the most popular choice for those who are eco friendly and want to save their money.

Is a moissanite ring worth it?

Yes, a moissanite ring is worth it to become a part of wedding vows but it also depends on individual preferences. This gemstone closely resembles diamond but has different properties because diamonds are made of carbon and moissanite from silicon carbide.

First of all when someone goes for a moissanite ring instead of diamond they actually look for the cost. Moissanite is much cheaper than diamond so those who want to enjoy a diamond like appearance with a low price tag prefer to buy it.

Another factor that people consider is the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. The eco gemstone moissanite shows exceptional brilliance and fire which means that it reflects light beautifully and sparkles intensely. So, people find it really appealing. Eco friendly people love to wear moissanite because it has no ethical and environmental concerns that are associated with mining natural diamonds.

While determining the worth of moissanite rings, people might think that this stone is not very durable as they are getting it for a few hundred dollars. But this is not true. Moissanite is a really durable gemstone whose hardness is nearly equal to diamond on Mohs scale. Diamond has 10 and moissanite has 9.25.

Diamond has become a conventional preference for many but modern people usually go for something unique irrespective of what it costs. So, moissanite becomes their unrealistically dream stone for gifting their partner while exchanging the vows,  

The best thing about moissanite is that it is available in any size. You can put more money into it and get a high carat measure moissanite stone. So, people who don’t like small diamonds on their ring and are short of budget due to which they have to buy a ring with small diamonds can now have a large moissanite stone in the same budget.

In a nutshell, moissanite has potential to become the best stone related to engagement and wedding jewelry. Those who can’t afford it wear it like a diamond with grace and those who want to protect and save the environment can wear it proudly on their big day.

Why are more and more people willing to buy moissanite engagement rings?

Moissanite rings are becoming popular among people and their sales have increased since last year. It means that people are willing to spend on these rings and find them stunningly beautiful. There are couple of reasons while people are willing to buy moissanite engagement rings instead of diamonds:


The first factor that can persuade people to buy moissanite rings is their exceptional durability. Moissanite is both durable and long lasting which means that it can be a lifelong stone that you can wear every time. Moreover, wedding rings are the signs that you are bound in a beautiful relationship with your partner. So, for long term use without the fear of losing or damage people prefer moissanite vs diamonds.

Wide range of shapes

Moissanite gemstones can be cut in various shapes and cuts so jewelers can draw many shapes from them. This makes them an exceptional choice for jewelry items. Moreover, with increase in weight of the gemstone its brilliance and shine increases. So, instead of buying a small diamond people go for buying a big moissanite to let them show off their wedding rings.


Do you know millions of dollars are spent on mining diamonds and the entire work is done by the miners? Many of these poor people lose their life while being suffocated inside the mines. If you are an eco-friendly person you will never want that mining process to pollute your environment. On the other hand, moissanite is entirely lab grown. So, one reason why people are preferring moissanite vs diamond and buying it more than any other gemstone is its eco-friendly nature.  


The harder the gemstone is, the more its durability. So, when we talk about diamond it has Mohs scale hardness of 10. While the Mohs scale hardness value for moissanite is 9.25 which means it can be as durable as diamond. So, you can wear this stone without the tension of damage or getting broken down.

Moreover, due to this hardness the brilliance of the moissanite ring never goes down. However, some change in colour can be expected in low quality gemstones. Therefore, when people can enjoy the same benefit as a diamond ring without spending less then why should they not choose moissanite as the stone of their wedding rings.

How much does a moissanite ring cost?

A moissanite ring can cost somewhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars but it is always less than a diamond of the same size. The cost of a moissanite ring depends on many factors such as size and quality of the stone. Moreover, it depends on the type of metal used in the ring and the extra embellishments added to the ring alongside the stone.

Well! On average a typical moissanite ring costs between  $500 to $3000 or more. As moissanite is lab grown stone it is really affordable as compared to diamond. The best part is you no longer have to compromise for brilliance.

It is to be kept in mind that the prices of moissanite rings can differ at different retail outlets or jewelry stores. So, you should look for multiple shops and choose the best deal. After all, the moissanite ring is a budget friendly option for those who look for staining and sparkling jewelry.

Best Moissanite Rings to Buy from Felicegals

At Felicegals, we personally select each moissanite stone, carefully considering its properties, with the aim of providing customers with a 100% handmade custom ring. As a result, we have introduced many affordable engagement rings. Three of our best articles are:

1.5ct Moissanite Pave Classic Solitaire Ring



The Felicegals Oval Cut 68mm 1.5ct Moissanite Pave Classic Solitaire Ring is crafted with a 14k solid gold band. This stunning ring features a colourless 68mm, 1.5ct oval-cut Moissanite centre stone with VS to VVS clarity. The elegance continues with colourless Moissanite accents totaling 0.09ct on average. With an art deco-inspired design and a 1.4mm bandwidth, this half eternity paved Moissanite wedding ring promises to be a cherished symbol of love. It is entirely Handmade with care so please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

1.5ct Signature Vintage Ring Set 2pcs - Charlotte



This is our best-selling 14k solid gold ring set, exuding timeless elegance with exquisite milgrain details and moissanite accents. The 6x8mm, 1.50ct moissanite centrepiece dazzles with brilliance, complemented by colourless moissanite accents of 0.35ct. It is versatile for any occasion and its vintage charm and 1.5mm bandwidth make it truly unique. So, if you have a slightly larger budget and desire a bridal set, you can obtain felicegals' Charlotte set for a great value of $1299.


1.5ct Signature Pear Vintage Ring Set 2pcs - Celestia


If you prefer other shapes such as pear-shaped, felicegals' Celestia is also a cost-effective and beautiful choice. The set is priced at $1299, but if you only want to purchase the main ring, you can also do so as felicegals provides you with flexible options.

This ring set is the epitome of enchantment and elegance as it is made of 14k solid gold and boasts a dazzling 1.5ct colourless Moissanite which is beautifully arranged in a pear-shaped cluster bouquet. It has hand-selected marquise and round stones artfully adorn the band that together create a harmonious balance.

The moissanite accents, with a total carat weight of 0.35ct, showcase remarkable VS to VVS clarity. With its 1.5mm bandwidth, this ring displays sophistication and romance. Whether your love story is just beginning or well-established, Celestia is the perfect embodiment of timeless allure and emotions to make it an unforgettable choice in just $1299.

Well! Felicegals always have your back when it comes to making your big day grand. The best news for you is that if you buy your favorite rings right now Felicegals also offers an 8% discount code, hoping that everyone can celebrate their special moments like they deserve.

July 25, 2023 — Felicegals Admin