The era of diamonds is over now because gemstones are becoming more popular than ever among brides. One great option as diamond alternatives is Moss Agate with its eye-catching colors, styles and cuts. Not only this, its spiritual and natural properties also make it a good choice for both engagement and wedding rings.

So, do you want to have a Moss Agate ring for your big day but are still confused whether you should have it or not? Read the article till the end to know all about Moss Agate Engagement Rings.  


What is Moss Agate?

Moss Agate is a precious gemstone popular for its milky white base and green dendritic inclusions that are created by oxidation of minerals. Many brides are attracted to this stone because it has a personal identity and ancient values. The name of this gemstone originated from the Arabian City of Mocha in Yemen.

Moss Agates are formed in volcanic areas with water that is rich in silica and it flows between the igneous rocks. On the cavities of rocks, silica gel is formed that later cools down and crystallizes to form quartz micro-crystals. With passing time, the gel layers become thick and absorb the impurities. As concentration of impurities increases, the color banding is formed resulting in formation of splendid gemstones.

In the 18th century in Europe, moss agate was believed to bring good luck and fortune. People at that time used to place them in their homes to attract wealth and prosperity. Moreover, farmers used to wear them to let their crops grow well because they believed that the green inclusions on the stones are signs of profitable harvests.

Moss Agate is not only associated with good fortune, it also has spiritual value that makes it a unique gemstone. It is believed that moss agate is an amulet that boosts tranquillity and helps create emotional balance. The one who wears it gains a balanced heart chakra and fosters love and abundance. Due to these qualities it is the perfect choice for wedding rings because it promises lifelong partnership.


Is Moss Agate Ring Worth it?

Moss Agate rings are a worthwhile investment because of their dual properties including aesthetic appeal and other spiritual abilities. The inclusions of greenish shade make its appearance unique and that’s why many brides are captivated enough to make it the stone of their big day.

The most prior reason why moss agate is of undeniable value is its bluish green effect that is combined with moss like patterns to create a visually appealing look. Also, it can be cut into various shapes and sizes to make a unique kind of jewelery. For those who love organic feel the appearance of this gemstone is nothing less than a mesmerizing feel.

Besides visual appeal, most people buy moissanite because of their metaphysical properties. It is considered the stone of growth, abundance and renewal which means that the one who will be wearing it would experience emotional healing and attract positive energy. Many people believe that Moss Agate helps in manifesting goals and connecting with the energy of the universe.

The spiritual properties of Moss Agate are endless. However, one more reason for being the gemstone worth being the part of rings is its hardness. Moss Agate has a rating of 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale which means it is hard enough to resist wear and tear. This makes it a perfectly suitable stone for everyday wear without getting impacts or scratches.

However, if someone has a Moss Agate ring it is recommended that you remove your ring when doing any work involving excessive wear and damage. Last but not the least the value of moss agate depends on the quality and size of stone and the level of craftsmanship used to shape it into the ring.

When it comes to price, Moss Agate is one of the winning gemstones. It costs many times less than the diamond. So, it is best for people who don’t want to spend their entire savings just on a wedding ring. They can get Moss Agate rings and enjoy their day just like they would have done with diamonds as the gemstone for a ring.


How to choose the best Moss Agate Ring?

When you finally decide that you are going to choose a Moss Agate ring for your wedding day there are several factors that come into consideration. First of all you have to check out which metals go well with moss agate. Every metal looks good with moss agate stone but the green and red tones are the best match.

Second thing you have to consider is the cut of the ring. Moss Agate can be cut into various shapes and sizes which are the proof of versatility of the stone. However, the best cut is the one you desire.

After that you have to check out which band will better go with the moss agate ring. The wedding band with other gemstones that go well with the greenish shade are considered ideal for this. Therefore, choose the one with other gemstones like green tourmaline, emeralds and alexandrite to have the perfect match on your finger.

Beware, not every jewelery chain would offer you unique gemstones like Moss Agate. It is a special stone that is only available in pure form from the old and trusted jewelers. So, before you make your decision go online, read reviews and then select your patterns and color play including strawberry quartz, rutilated quartz, dendritic agate etc.

To get the best value of money you are going to spend on the moss agate wedding ring make sure to pay special attention to the quality of the moss agate gemstone. Moreover, look for vibrant colors, distinct moss-like inclusions in the stone and a smooth and polished surface while selecting the ring. Avoid gemstones that have cracks, chips or less shiny appearance to have the best within your budget.


Do Moss Agate engagement rings fade with time?

Well! Moss Agate is not a very costly gemstone so anyone can think that its quality will decline with time. However, this is not the case because Moss Agate is a hard stone and has a Mohs scale rating between 6 and 7 which makes it strong enough to stay unbreakable and shiny with the passing time. So, if you are planning to make your moss agate wedding ring your lifetime ring then you can do it without thinking about another stone.

Moreover, it should be kept in mind that the shine of the stone depends on the craftsman ship, the quality of stone and the price you have paid to get it. High quality Moss agate rings persistently maintain their shine for longer. However, while working with harsh materials it is better to remove your ring.


Our Top Picks Moss Agate Rings from Felicegals



Kite Cut Unique Moss Agate Engagement Ring Sets 2pcs


This beautiful kite cut engagement ring set features a stunning 6x9mm kite-cut Moss Agate gemstone that weighs approximately 1.5 carats. It is set in a 14k solid rose gold band and is adorned with sparkling colorless moissanite accents that have a total carat weight of 0.28ct. Moreover, this unique ring set radiates elegance with its 1.4mm bandwidth. You can disagree that it is a truly mesmerizing choice for those looking for a perfect moss agate engagement ring.

1.5ct Signature Pear Moss Agate Staccato Ring Set 2pcs



The Felicegals 1.5ct Signature Pear Moss Agate Staccato Ring Set is a stunning and unique engagement ring set crafted in 14k solid rose gold. The centerpiece of this ring is a beautiful 6 x 9mm Moss Agate stone which is nearly 1.5ct in size. The ring also features colorless Moissanite accents of 0.35carat weight with VS to VVS clarity. With a delicate 1.5mm bandwidth this custom ring set is a perfect gift for her.

Oval Shaped Vintage Moss Agate Halo Engagement Ring


You can now capture the timeless allure of nature with the Felicegals Oval Shaped Vintage Moss Agate Halo Engagement Ring that is crafted in 14k solid rose gold. Its 5x7mm moss agate is embraced by colorless moissanite accents exhibiting VS to VVS clarity.

Vintage Hexagon Moss Agate 3 Stone Engagement Ring


Vintage Hexagon Moss Agate Engagement Ring in 14k solid rose gold is a perfect symbol of love and devotion. With a centerpiece of Moss Agate measuring 5x9mm, its natural beauty is complemented by shimmering colorless Moissanite accents. The ring boasts a slender 1.5mm bandwidth and sparkling moissanite accents with 0.1 carat weight.  

Vintage Baguette Moss Agate Engagement Ring


The Vintage Baguette Moss Agate Engagement Ring is a captivating symbol of love that merges nature's beauty and timeless allure. It is crafted in 14k solid white gold centerd with enchanting moss agate complemented by colorless moissanite accents. Moreover, with a delicate 1.4mm bandwidth, this beautiful ring whispers grace and sophistication

1.5ct Pear Moss Agate Classic Halo Ring Set 2pcs


If you want to embrace the timeless elegance then choose Felicegals 1.5ct Pear Moss Agate Classic Halo Ring Set. It is crafted in 14k solid white gold and the 6x8mm Moss Agate centerpiece radiates natural beauty. Moreover, it is complemented by colorless Moissanite accents of 0.3 carat weight. Also, this minimalist ring set exudes sophistication with a delicate 1.4mm bandwidth which makes it a perfect choice for a memorable engagement ring.  

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