Are Moissanite Rings Worth It?

Most couples always think about diamonds as the stone of their wedding ring due to cultural traditions and expectations. They think it is intimidating to choose another stone rather than diamond. However, since the moissanite has stepped into the ring its lasting beauty, conflict free origin and cost effectiveness is making couples fall in love with moissanite wedding rings.

The beauty of moissanite rings is mesmerizing but what is making them win is their affordability. Despite all this, some people still fear buying moissanite rings because a question lingers in their mind is moissanite rings worth it or not.

Let’s reveal why moissanite has the ability to become a traditional engagement ring or wedding ring stone.

Why Is Moissanite Worth Becoming a Wedding Stone?

Moissanite is a colorless gemstone made of silicon carbide. It was discovered by a French scientist Henri Moissan and its original source was a meteor carter. The natural moissanite was exceptionally rare so it was difficult to use it in jewelry. Later, the same moissanite stone was synthesized in the lab and was made available as a gemstone.

Moissanite is famous because it has superficial resemblance to diamonds but differs in composition with little difference in appearance. Diamonds are actually composed of carbon but moissanite is designed from pure silicon carbide which is an exceptionally rare mineral found in nature.

The lab grown moissanite is synthetic but it mimics the qualities of diamonds and maintains a distinct difference in both visual characters and composition. Appearance is not only the quality of moissanite that makes it valuable gemstone. It is being loved by the environmentally friendly people because it is entirely lab grown and no man force or extra mining resources are used in its production.

Moreover, when you wear it, 90% of people cannot differentiate it from diamond because moissanite shines more than diamond. This makes it perfect for becoming the jewel for engagement and wedding rings.

Why Are Moissanite Rings Worth It?

Moissanite rings are not famous only because they are just like diamonds. The gemstone has its own properties that makes it worth being the gem of moissanite engagement rings. There are 4Cs that make Moissanite Rings the best partner for your wedding vows.


The value of a gemstone is always determined by its size. You must have seen this for diamonds as well as simulated diamonds. Well! The size is not measured only by how much the bride is bragging about her large size gem but also by carat that is the natural way to measure gems. Moissanite is 10-15% lighter than diamond which not only makes it a lighter stone but also a suitable one for wearing in bigger size.

While shopping for a moissanite gemstone wedding ring it is necessary to consider the balance between carat weight and other quality factors such as color, clarity, and cut. It will help you to find the perfect gemstone that suits both your preferences and budget.


For utilization in wedding rings and necklaces the moissanite stone is cut in different shapes to maximize the fire, sparkle and the brilliance of the stone. A perfectly cut moissanite allows the light to reflect more and make the stone more shiny which increases its value. A good cut grade is pleasant for the sparkle that could make people confuse between diamond and moissanite stone.

Another factor that makes moissanite rings worth it is that moissanite stone can be cut in various styles including round brilliant cut including round shape with multiple facets, princess cut with a square or rectangular shape and pointed corners, cushion cut with square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, emerald cut in rectangular shape with stepped facets.

Moreover, you can get asscher cut with a square shape and stepped facets, oval cut and radiant cut with rectangular or square shape and trimmed corners. Each cut differs in shine and style, so you can choose the one according to your preference and choice to make it the gemstone of your engagement or wedding ring.


Moissanite is graded on a color scale similar to the GIA diamond color grading scale. It is classified into three grades: colorless (D-E-F range), nearly colorless (G-H-I range), and with pale tints (J-K range). The availability of such a large collection of colors makes moissanite a good choice for wedding rings.

Moissanite differs from other noon diamond stones that are more likely to exhibit a slight yellow or green tint, especially when they are over a carat in size. This color perception may vary depending on the lighting conditions. As a result, some individuals prefer to limit the size of their artificial stones to under a carat.

However, this is not the case with moissanite. As the size of the stone grows the shine increases.


Like natural diamonds, the value of a moissanite stone is also affected by its clarity. Moissanite may contain inclusions that are the prevalent needle-like inclusions resulting from its crystalline structure but they are only visible under close inspection and do not affect the clarity of the stone. Moissanite clarity can vary from FL meaning flawless to I3. Inclusions within a certain clarity range can only be detected under 10x magnification. However, moissanite graded as I3 may exhibit inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Do Moissanite Rings last as diamond rings?

You might think that Moissanite rings don’t last for longer but they actually do. If you buy a moissanite ring once it is going to last for a lifetime. Diamond is famous for its hardness and durability and has a rating of 10 on Mohs hardness scale. Nothing can scratch or tear a diamond except another diamond.

Similarly, Moissanite is durable as diamond too. It is the second hardest gemstone on Mohs scale with a ranking of 9.5. Due to this hardness, moissanite rings last longer as diamond rings do. Therefore, you can buy moissanite instead of diamond if you want a ring that is going to stay forever with you just like your better half vows.

Why Is Moissanite Preferred Over Diamond?

Moissanite is often preferred over diamond for a number of reasons, and one of the main factors is its price. Moissanite stones are significantly cheaper than diamonds, making them a more affordable option for many people. In fact, a moissanite gem is about one-tenth the price of a mined diamond of equal size and quality. Moissanite advantage becomes especially clear when considering the larger carat weights.

If you want a large-carat white gemstone but lack the budget for a larger diamond, moissanite offers an attractive alternative. Lower quality and smaller diamonds are more expensive than higher quality, larger moissanite stones. This means that with moissanite, you can get a larger, more impressive gemstone within your budget.

Additionally, for many individuals, owning a colorless diamond with the highest clarity grade is impossible due to the high cost. Moissanite offers the opportunity to obtain a beautiful, clear gemstone without compromising on overall quality.

Another reason why moissanite is preferred over diamonds is that it is usually grown in a laboratory. Moissanite gems are created through a controlled laboratory process, making them a more environmentally friendly and ethical choice compared to mined diamonds.

Lab-grown moissanite is synthesized using advanced technology that replicates the natural formation process of moissanite crystals. This means that they have the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural moissanite.

By choosing lab-grown moissanite, you can enjoy a beautiful gem without contributing to the environmental and social impacts associated with diamond mining.

Will moissanite rings fade with time?

Moissanite is actually a very durable and hard gemstone and has the ability to withstand scratches and daily wear. It is highly resistant to wear and is less prone to developing visible scratches than other gemstones. This property makes moissanite an excellent choice for jewelry that will be worn regularly.

In addition to its hardness, moissanite also exhibits excellent heat resistance. It can withstand high temperatures without being damaged or undergoing any significant changes. Moissanite is also known for its stability at the atomic level. Its atomic structure is very stable, which means that it does not deform easily over time.

This stability ensures that moissanite retains its luster, luster and clarity for a long time. Unlike some gemstones that can become cloudy, lose their luster, or fade over time, moissanite is designed to maintain its visual appeal for years to come. So whether you want an emerald cut moissanite ring or oval moissanite ring you can get it without any fear of fading away with time.

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