Moonstone Engagement and Wedding Rings: A Full Guide

Diamond is no longer the ultimate choice for wedding rings or engagement rings because it is an era of gemstone engagement rings. They are becoming more popular and brides find no offense in choosing them over diamonds for their big day.

Moonstone is a modern gemstone that is hitting the charts these days for being a popular gemstone for engagement rings. More than being a choice for engagement rings this stone has its own spiritual value and has been famous in Greek and Hindu cultures. You might be thinking what is so special about this stone that makes it perfect for rings.

Here’s all you need to know about moonstone before buying a moonstone engagement ring.

What Is The Moonstone?

Moonstone is a lustrous gemstone composed of feldspar layers that scatter light and create a billowy adularescent effect. It is a popular stone due to its calming effect and energy balancing aura. In history, it has been used to ward off nightmares, promote pleasant dreams and get rid of insomnia. However, in modern times it is catching scope for being the stone of engagement rings because of its color variety and shine.

Moonstone is a representation for cyclical changes and inner clarity. It is a symbol of connectivity with the feminine, light and hope. This soulful stone encourages the holder to embrace new beginnings. Moonstone is closely related to feminine themes like fertility, delicateness, balance and intuition. That’s why it is becoming a choice for those who believe in spiritual powers.

Modern age believes that moonstone symbolizes wisdom and fertility in women. It gives a boost to their inner wisdom and courage to accept the new beginning. Because of having a close association with the moon, this gemstone promotes cyclic healing and a healthy periodic cycle in women.

Moonstones are found in Australia, Myanmar, Madagascar, United States and India. Sri Lanka is famous for its high quality blue moonstone but their prices have increased due to resource depletion.

Moonstone Is the Birthstone for June

For people born in June, moonstone is considered the third stone. It was designated to June birth takers by a Roman historian who called it Pliny who first observed that the lustrous appearance of moonstone changes with the phases of the moon. He also matched it to the term adularescence that refers to the milky glow of the stone that is reminiscent of moonlight on water.

What Is The Effect Of Moon Stone?

Moonstone possesses energy and is believed to have protective properties for those who love to walk under moonlight or walk in water at night. This is considered supportive for love affairs and reuniting the separated lovers. Moreover, moonstone has the ability to provide comfort to those who are burdened or want to be comforted. Also, moonstone encourages self love and increases understanding of emotional needs.

Besides being a healer, moonstone is also a precious stone. In dancers and actors, it helps them to express themselves in a better way. It increases compassion in adults and empowers teachers to deliver better to their students. In nurses, they increase the power of self-acceptance and in psychologists they raise emotions. Moonstone has calming properties that help to build emotional strength.

Not only this, moonstone enhances the ability to choose their fields in youngsters and help them to stay committed to their work.

How to Wear Moonstone?

Moonstone is related to mythology and astrology and it is advised to wear it as an ornament on the right side of your body as a ring or necklace. The moonstone must come in direct contact with the skin to release its energy. If you want to wear it for chakra balance then you should wear the moonstone on the little finger on the right hand. This way you can align the energies of the chakras with the moon that can help purify the mind.

If you want to wear a moonstone ring, astrologers suggest wearing it on the opposite hand to your dominant hand. This way you can activate the chakras associated with it including the third eye chakra associated with wisdom and spiritual awareness. Moonstone is connected to the moon so it also corresponds to sacral chakra below the navel that encourages a deep connection with the intuition.

Why Moonstone Is Suitable For Rings?

Moonstone is a soft stone but it is preferred for rings due to its color, background color, cut and orientation of the sheen.


High priced stones have always remained in demand for their exceptional quality and properties. Moonstone is one of them due to its colorless or nearly transparent appearance and blue sheen. The finest moonstone is glassy and pure with an electric blue shine. The body color of moonstone is free of any undesirable tints like green or brown. Their sheen is also blue. You can see it centered in the top of the cabochon through a wide range of viewing angles. If the sheen is only visible through a certain angle then its price decreases. Today, moonstones are available in shades ranging from orange to yellow, often called peach and they have gained popularity among gem enthusiasts. Moreover, due to their undeniable sheen and shades they are being used as the popular choice for wedding rings.


Though most gemstones are shaped into the beads for stands, moonstone is cut in cabochon form because it displays its color and sheen at the best. You can get a variety of cabochon cuttings of moonstones. They are usually oval but gem stone enthusiasts prefer sugarloaf style too.

If you are about to buy  a moonstone engagement ring then prefer a less flat cabochon because flat cabochons have very little value and sheen. Faceted moonstones are high in trends because their cut increases the brilliance of stone.


Original moonstones are transparent and without any inclusions because inclusions interfere with adularescence. Some inclusions in moonstones are called centipedes because they resemble centipedes with long bodies and many legs.

Moonstone Ring Introduction

Moonstone is a gorgeous stone and popular choice of brides for engagement rings with moonstone. It is considered the best stone for engagement rings due to its effects that renew every month and are subject to the moon. Moonstone rings are symbols of love and enhance romantic associations.

Those who seek true love can hold the gem in their hand and carry it with them until the next effect. The same way it bonds the bride and groom together. Not only is it good for a better romantic relationship but it also helps to restore their love and peace along with the lunar cycle.

Four types of moonstones are used in engagement rings:

1.  Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is white with shimmering purple hues and is associated with the crown and third eye chakras. A rainbow moonstone engagement ring can provide clarity about the relationship and offers protection and comfort during stressful times. You can wear it as earrings too for finding life purpose.

2.  Green Moonstone

Green moonstone is connected to the heart chakra and helps in accessing your heart center with ease and provides emotional support. Though wearing it as a necklace is recommended, green moonstone makes a beautiful moonstone wedding ring.

3.  Peach Moonstone

Peach moonstone is orange in color and is known to activate the sacral chakra that is located right below the belly button. Not only is it suitable for floral moonstone engagement rings but also helps to stabilize the connections of reproductive organs.

4.  Black Moonstone

Black moonstone is the most trending stone for moonstone engagement rings. Not only is it beautiful but aids in connecting with our higher self and inner voice. People call them back moons too because they offer grounding and protection to the one who is wearing them.

3 Beautiful Moonstone Engagement Rings for You

You might get confused while thinking which the best moonstone engagement ring to buy is. So, we are here with the top three choices. You can select one according to your desire.

       i.            Moonstone Moissanite Inspired Halo Ring

The enchanting Felicegals 5x7mm Oval Cut Moonstone and Moissanite Rose Gold Halo Ring is the ultimate engagement ring. It is crafted with a 14k solid rose gold band and this exquisite ring showcases a captivating 5x7mm moonstone centerpiece adorned with dazzling colorless moissanite accents. Moreover, with a total carat weight of 0.7ct, this ring is the perfect anniversary gift, promise, or antique wedding ring.

     ii.            Moonstone & Moissanite Rose Gold Ring

Now you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the Felicegals Unique Oval 1.5ct Moonstone and Moissanite Rose Gold Ring that is crafted with a 14k solid rose gold band. This stunning ring features a 6x8mm moonstone centerpiece surrounded by sparkling colorless moissanite accents. With a delicate 1.4mm bandwidth it is the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

  iii.            Moonstone & Moissanite Vintage Inspired Ring

Felicegals Moonstone and Moissanite Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring allows you to experience timeless elegance with the 14k solid gold band. It showcases a mesmerizing 5x7mm moonstone complemented by sparkling colorless moissanite accents. This art deco-inspired ring, with a 0.25ct total carat weight is the best choice for weddings and engagements.

Final Words

A moonstone engagement ring is nothing less than wearing a diamond because its sheen is mesmerizing enough to take all the negative vibes away from you. Buy your ultimate moonstone ring from Felicegals today and make your engagement unforgettable.

June 16, 2023 — Felicegals Admin