Introducing the Best-selling Vintage Unique Engagement Rings of Felicegals - Charlotte

Why You'll Love Charlotte ?

The ring set is our proudest and best-selling design by far. The beautifully crafted milgrain details and the moissanite accents truly serve the perfect amount of vintage vibes that is elegant and unique yet - not extra. A design that is suitable for every scene. 


Introducing the Moissanite Bridal Sets That Are LOVED Universally  - Celestia


Why You'll Love Celestia ?

Celestia is the ring that has it all. The set features a stunning cluster bouquet of stones, elegantly set in a spectacular pear shape. These beautiful hand-selected marquise and round stones sit artfully in the most balanced way possible. I once was aksed, "why this set makes me feel all kinds of emotions?"  I said, "this set is everything - classy, elegant, sophisticated, effortlessly, hopelessly romantic, it is the ring you get when you don't know and the ring you get when you do know".


Introducing the Most Popular Kite Cut Unique Engagement Rings of Felicegals - Lydia

Why You'll Love Lydia?


Lydia is the newly launched design by Felicegals and already a best seller. It features a unique 6*9mm kite-shaped center stone that is beautifully centered by a cluster of three-stone trio. The kite-cut main ring serves a firm and strong statement while the marquise band gets in and balances it with a feminine touch. Minimalist and vintage vibes are what we're after.
June 09, 2023 — Felicegals Admin