Amid the soft glow of candle lights and delicate clinking of glasses you exchange the vows and that’s the most magical day of your life, the wedding day! Between all these preparations the most crucial decision is choosing the perfect ring that symbolizes eternal love.

While traditional diamonds have long held the crown of being the jewel of wedding rings, a shimmering competitor is already in the town. It’s none other than moissanite. Now, you might be wondering if it is suitable to wear a moissanite ring for your wedding? The answer is YES.

Moissanite is a cost-effective, shiny, durable and eco-friendly substitute for traditional diamond. It is suitable for a wedding ring for sure.

Don’t get confused because we have got you here. This article will take you into the captivating world of moissanite and spellbind your mind by the possibilities of bringing the gemstone to your finger.

Let's dive in and discover more details on why the stone is a suitable substitute!

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite is 21st century diamond like gemstone that was found by Henry Moissan when he stumbled upon a spectacular gem in Arizona meteor crater. The amazing thing about this stone is that it is not found naturally on earth. However, some clever scientists are able to grow them in labs and give them diamond-like appearance along with other attributes like clarity, refraction and shine.

No one feels hesitant in choosing emerald or sapphires for their wedding rings or engagement rings instead of a diamond. However, many people also prefer choosing a moissanite wedding ring for their big day due to its ultimate beauty, affordability and sustainable nature.

Advantages of Moissanite

You might think diamond is better than Moissanite, but there are many areas where moissanite outcasts diamonds in being the perfect stone for wedding bands. Here are some advantages of Moissanite over other gemstones.

·        Cost-effective

Imagine if you are marrying a girl who is fond of diamonds but they are a bit heavy on your pocket. What are you going to do to save her heart from breaking? Here, moissanite can be your life saver. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy big stone size and elegant style without compromising on your finances.

Moissanite is a lab grown stone and its cost depends on its size that increases when it grows. However, in diamonds even a small size can cost you a lot and if your girl wants a bigger one then it is going to be heavy on your pocket. So, if you choose a moissanite wedding ring, you get freedom to select a bigger stone by spending a lot less than diamonds. Moreover, you can combine it with other gemstones to have a customized design.

To compare the prices you can consider a 6x8mm (1.5ct) Round cut moissanite with a DEF color grade and VVS1-2 clarity and a diamond of equivalent size. A moissanite would cost you around $700 while a diamond will cost you $6000.

·        Shiny

Most of you might think that moissanite is less shiny than diamond but there is no reality in it. It has a unique facet pattern that increases its ability to reflect light due to which it has a more brilliant and shiny surface than diamonds. That’s what makes it a perfect material for wedding bands or moissanite bridal sets.

This gemstone will make your wedding ring more appealing. When light interacts with a moissanite ring, it produces vibrant flashes that are both colourful and brighter than those of diamonds.

Another point that you might have in your head is that the shining of moissanite might fade with time. There is nothing like that. The stone’s ability to retain its sparkle even when it requires cleaning makes it the most suitable gem for wedding and engagement rings. Moreover, the size of the ring is directly related to the sparkle which makes it distinct from the diamonds as it grows larger.

·        Durable

The hardness of gemstones is assessed using the Mohs’s scale that rates their resistance to breakage in 1 to 10. Though diamond has the highest rating of 10 among the stones, moissanite has a rating of 9.25 which means it is roughly equal in hardness to diamond. Therefore, the risk factor for scratches and damages is minimal. Additionally, moissanite has passed the durability tests against rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Not only these moissanite rings are famous for maintaining their beauty and sparkle over time. Most of the jewelers offer lifetime warranty for its shine, durability and clarity. It means that your wedding ring is going to be with you for a lifetime without any damage or downfall to shine. What else do you want in a wedding ring?

·        Eco Friendly

Do you know that local miners suffer a lot for mining diamonds beneath the earth and most of them even die during this process? Do you know how long it takes for diamond to form? Due to these aspects, diamonds are less eco-friendly stones but still people love to wear them because of their elegance and shine.

However, moissanite is an eco-friendly gem. It is prepared in labs by the scientists with nearly zero or no waste. No extra labour is required to create it and it can be grown in size in the lab too. Also, it releases no pollutants in the air as compared to mining which is not very environmental friendly process.

Is Moissanite Worth It?

When it comes to jewelery choices, moissanite has several advantages over diamonds. The first reason to choose it over diamond is its brilliance that increases with increase in size because its refractive index is higher than diamond. This exceptional sparkle makes it the lovable item for wedding rings and formal jewelery.

Most people cannot enjoy diamond because of its higher costs but moissanite comes with affordability. It gives the same luxury and sparkle as diamond at a fraction of cost. So, there are opportunities for all people to enjoy the beauty of a gemstone without having to worry about the budget.

Moissanite is more amazing than diamond because it offers a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours. You can get various cuts including princess, cushion, and others of your choice. This makes it a preference in individuals who want a desired shape that suits their preferences. Not only this, moissanite comes in different colours and grades that range from colourless to nearly colourless so there is a versatile range of choices that can align with your aesthetic preferences.

What else do you want in a wedding ring when you are getting a durable and budget friendly stone on it that your spouse is going to love?

Why Is Moissanite Becoming More and More Popular?

Well! You can get the answer to this question by asking yourself why you love diamonds. Apart from being a classy choice people select diamonds due to its brilliance and durability. However, only the elite class is able to afford it because it’s rare and costly. Moissanite offers a better alternative to diamond because it is cost effective and has higher brilliance than other gemstones.

Moreover, environment friendly people consider moissanite as their first choice because it is totally lab grown and no harm is inflicted on the environment during its formation. Also, moissanite is lightweight and feels lighter than diamond. You don’t have to care all day about your diamond ring. So, it’s better to have a moissanite ring than a diamond you have to care about all day.  

Moissanite’s Environmental Significance

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone and it has gained popularity among stones due to its environmental significance. It is created in a laboratory setting which means it is free of environmental and ethical concerns as associated with diamond mining. There are no consequences such as ecological damage, habitat destruction, and human rights abuses that can be linked with its production.

The production of moissanite requires less energy and emits less greenhouse gases compared to diamond mining. There is no heavy machinery, transportation, and energy intensive processes involved in its formation. It is grown in controlled lab environments using efficient methods to control environmental damages.

The presence of such gemstones for wedding and engagement rings reduces the demand for diamond extraction and helps to conserve natural resources. You already know that diamonds have been called blood diamonds because they were mined in war zones and sold to finance armed conflicts against governments. In contrast, moissanite is not connected to any conflict and provides a safe alternative.

Can Moissanite be bragged as diamonds?

No one can exactly point out whether you are wearing a diamond or moissanite ring because they look very similar and their difference is not visible through the naked eye. Though moissanite is clear and shiny as diamond, bragging it as diamond should be shameful. Moissanite is itself a super sustainable gem that has its own bragging rights.


So, the final take on moissanite is totally suitable for wedding rings and engagement rings. Moissanite wedding rings have more shine than diamond rings and having a big gem at an affordable price is not a bad trade. If you want to get your unique engagement rings you can rely on Felicegals.

June 02, 2023 — Felicegals Admin