Moissanite has secured a remarkable place in the world of gemstones and people are calling it the next competitor of diamond. This gemstone is known for its brilliance and fire and offers a stunning alternative to the expensive gemstones. The Moissanite cut is the most crucial factor that determines the sparkle and overall beauty of the stone.

Choosing the best moissanite cut is a difficult task because many options are there in the jewelery market. For understanding which is the best one for you, you must know about the details of how these cuts affect the gemstone visual appeal.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this science of cuts. This article will tell you all about the best moissanite cuts so that you could get the ring that outshines the rest.

What is the best moissanite cut?

Moissanite gems compete with other gems due to their different cuts that vary in both brilliance and shine. Here are some of the best cuts of moissanite that are preferred for moissanite engagement rings and wedding rings.

1. Round Cut

The Round Brilliant cut is a timeless favorite and is famous for its symmetrical facets that exhibit a stunning play of light. Due to this, it has been the hot favorite cut of brides.

2. Cushion Cut

The next most loved choice is the cushion cut that has softly rounded corners and large facets. This cut has captured hearts with its romantic appeal and captivating sparkle. Moreover, it holds the pleasure of being a sought after option for those who wish for a blend of vintage and modern charm in a wedding ring.

3. Emerald Cut

This cut is loved by those who want sophistication and elegance in a single stone. Emerald Cut is elongated and the step cut facets highlight clarity over sheer sparkle. Due to this it is an attractive choice for those who appreciate grandeur. A round cut emerald cut has been a favorite cut in recent years.

4. Marquise Cut

The marquise cut dazzles with its square shape and intricate facets to create a mesmerizing display of brilliance. The specialty of this cut is that it shines in a distinctive boat-like shape with pointed ends. It is best for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to any jewelry design.

5. Classic cut

Well! This is the cut only classy people are going to love. It serves as a testament to elegance and showcases a timeless design. Nobody can ignore the undefined refinement this cuts hold. You can say that if the king is going to wear moissanite he would choose this classic cut.  

6. Oval Cut

When it comes to gemstones for wedding rings, people often crave for more flair and brilliance. For people like these oval cuts offer the best option because it creates an illusion of greater size. Moreover, its facets are just like those of round cut so it offers a unique dance of light loved by the big stone lovers.

7. Pear Cut

Pear Cut resembles a glistening teardrop and it combines the oval and marquise cuts. It effortlessly adds a touch of gracefulness to any jewelry piece and is preferred mostly in casual jewelry.

8. Radiant cut

The Radiant Cut combines the elegance of the emerald cut with the brilliance of the round cut. The best thing about this cut is the trimmed corners and intricate facets that add extra radiance in it and make it a heartfelt choice for those who love moissanite jewelry.

9. Heart Cut

As its name suggests, the heart cut boldly showcases romantic symbolism and is known for being the part of wedding vows. Especially, it appeals to those who appreciate sentimental gestures and a touch of love due to its distinctive shape and association with emotions.

10.  Princess cut

Lastly, this cut is exclusively for those who are drawn to a modern royalty. The princess cut has square shaped facets that project a bold display of brilliance. It is especially for those who want to show their dynamic personality through their jewelry.

Which moissanite cut looks most like diamond?

When it comes to affordable gemstones most people try to find the one that could resemble diamond. In the case of moissanite, many cuts are available but people love to wear round brilliant cuts because they resemble diamonds.

This round brilliant cut has a round face with multiple facets that maximize its brilliance and sparkle by capturing ample amounts of light. Moreover, this cut is designed to optimize light reflection and refraction which gives it an appearance similar to the traditional diamonds.

Due to this round brilliant cut many people find it a cheaper alternative to diamond. The best thing about it is its brilliance, durability and affordability. The optical properties of moissanite resemble that of diamonds and give a best alternative to those who want to have diamond in their wedding rings but are not able to afford.

Though this round cut looks very similar to diamonds, there are still a lot of differences in the way the light interacts with the two gemstones. A normal person cannot distinguish between them but a trained eye or gemologist might differentiate between diamond and round cut moissanite.

Will moissanite last forever?

Most people praise diamonds because they promise a long lasting shine and brilliance. However, moissanite is not anything less than diamond when it comes to lasting. On the hardness scale it has the value of 9.25, whereas diamond has 10 it means that both are closely related.

Moissanite is resistant to wear and tear due to its build. Moreover, it is a lab created stone so its long lasting ability cannot be underestimated. Its chemical structure is quite stable that makes it a scratch resistant and hard gemstone.

When it comes to the brilliance of the moissanite stone it promises a lifelong shine due its exceptional optical properties. The gemstone never fades due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

Felicegals recommended Moissanite Rings

When it comes to buying moissanite rings, Felicegals have always been the first choice of jewelry lovers. Keeping this in view, we have brought the best product from our moissanite cuts jewelry line.


This ring features a stunning cluster bouquet of stones that are elegantly set in a spectacular pear shape. These beautiful hand-selected marquise and round stones sit artfully in the most balanced way possible. This ring set is made with 14k solid gold and has a Colorless Moissanite of about 1.5ct along with colorless Moissanite Accents. The moissanite accents version features VS to VVS clarity. With 0.35ct total carat weight and 1.5mm bandwidth this is the best wedding gift for your partner.


The oval ring set is Felicegals proudest and best-selling design by far. The beautifully crafted milgrain details and the moissanite accents truly serve the perfect amount of vintage vibes that is elegant and unique yet not extra. Do you know what makes this design that is suitable for every scene? The 14k solid gold band with .50ct Moissanite and Colorless Moissanite Accents that features VS to VVS clarity. The 1.5mm bandwidth of the ring makes it the perfect partner for your wedding vows.


Felicegals 1ct Classic 4 Prongs Moissanite Ring Set features a 14k solid gold band with 1 carat colorless Moissanite. The moissanite version features VS to VVS clarity. This classic cut ring has its own class and makes you feel royal every time you embrace it.


This charming ring set by Felicegals has a 14k solid rose gold band with a 6x8mm. Lab grown Emerald. There are colorless Moissanite Accents of 0.36ct total carat weight. The moissanite version features VS to VVS clarity. 1.4mm bandwidth makes it perfect for weddings and engagements.

Princess cut

This versatile Felicegals 2ct Moissanite Princess Cut Engagement Ring is the perfect wedding band because of its 14k solid gold band featuring  Princess Cut Colorless Moissanite. The colorless moissanite accents of 0.24ct total carat weight features VS to VVS clarity making it the most brilliant piece you could wear.


Get ready to experience the elegance and charm of Felicegals Marquise Moissanite Solitaire White Gold Ring. This ring features 14k solid white gold with 2.0ct Moissanite and colorless Moissanite Accents. The moissanite accents version features VS to VVS clarity. Being one of the most beautiful rings of our collection it can change your big day from good to the best.

August 22, 2023 — Felicegals Admin