The word "mother" touches the heartstrings with just a mention. With Mother's Day approaching, have you thought about what kind of gift to give your mother? In this blog post, we will recommend jewelry products suitable for mothers.


If choosing a gift for a mother, I believe that many people's top choice would be pearls, an ancient organic gemstone. With their classic, round shape, pearls are elegant, sophisticated, and lustrous like jade. As far back as prehistoric times, primitive humans discovered white pearls with colorful iridescence while foraging by the sea. They were captivated by the pearls' stunning beauty, and from that moment on, pearls became a beloved adornment that has been cherished ever since.


Pearls contain a variety of trace elements that the human body needs, and long-term wear can have calming and soothing health benefits. The luster of pearls is soft, round, and full, gentle but not ostentatious. For this reason, pearls are very suitable as a gift for elders – they are low-key yet of high quality and can be worn on any occasion.


With warm breezes and sunny days, the month of May is especially heartwarming due to Mother's Day. In this season full of gratitude and affection, Felicegals, in the name of love, offers warm confessions and helps you choose the best jewelry for your mother.


Pearls rings:

Mainly produced within pearl oysters and nacreous mollusks. In the international gem world, pearls are considered the lucky stone for June birthdays, as well as the 13th and 30th wedding anniversaries. With their gorgeous colors and elegant temperament, pearls symbolize health, purity, wealth, and happiness and have been loved by people since ancient times.

We recommend this ring made of 14k rose gold, set with five natural Akoya pearls and four moissanite stones. Although pearls are not as shiny as diamonds, their natural beauty exudes elegance and grace. Each pearl has a subtly visible iridescence, making it an ideal gift for your mother on Mother's Day.

The combination of white pearls and shiny diamonds signifies the mutual dependence between a mother and her children. Mothers deserve all the beauty in the world.




Moissanite rings:

 Also known as Moissanite Diamonds, natural moissanite can be traced back to the late 19th century. In 1904, Dr. Henri Moissan discovered this mineral in an Arizona meteorite crater. Natural moissanite is extremely rare and can only be found in meteorite craters. As a result, most moissanite on the market is lab-grown, taking about 2-3 months to cultivate.

The second ring we recommend features a 14K rose gold band and dozens of small moissanite stones surrounding a 1.5-carat pear-shaped moissanite. Five natural Akoya pearls are perfectly embellished below. Wearing a pear-shaped moissanite ring will make your mother's fingers appear more slender.

This ring is perfect for mothers with a gentle and cheerful personality, showing off their unique sense of style and humor. The brilliant gemstones and elegant pearls combine to showcase a mother's most powerful side, accentuating her flawless beauty. Glowing and colorful, this ring captures the romantic sentiment a mother needs.


Moss agate rings: 

A type of agate, the natural patterns of Moss Agate resemble swaying water plants in a pond, gracefully winding and twisting. They come in green, purple, and yellow.

Not only a piece of jewelry, but a high-quality Moss Agate is also a collectible with artistic value. Large pieces of Water Agate are rare and valuable.

The third ring we recommend is made of 14k rose gold, with moissanite stones sprinkled in the gaps, and a crown-like design. Five natural Akoya pearls sit at the top, displaying understated luxury. The ring's base has a floral design, adding a lively touch. The centerpiece, a Moss Agate stone, showcases the wearer's noble temperament and exceptional taste.

This ring is perfect for independent and queenly mothers. Before becoming a mother, she was a little princess, and the crown design highlights her inner princess. Infused with warmth and blessings, this jewelry is a tribute to a mother's strength and tenderness. Gorgeous and precious gemstones always amaze, complementing a mother's intellect and noble temperament.



Alexandrite rings

Also known as Alexandrite or Purple-Green Jade. Legend has it that Alexandrite was discovered on the birthday of Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1830, hence the name "Alexandrite."

Its unique color-changing effect appears green in sunlight and red under candlelight or incandescent light, leading many poets to praise Alexandrite as "an emerald by day, a ruby by night." High-quality Alexandrite is expensive, with stones over one carat often being more costly than equivalent-sized rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. However, even with ample funds, acquiring such a gemstone is rare and difficult. In Europe, Alexandrite symbolizes love, while in Sri Lanka, it represents longevity and prosperity.

The fourth ring we recommend features a 14k gold band, six natural Akoya pearls supporting the main Alexandrite stone, highlighting its lofty and elegant temperament. This ring is perfect for mothers with unique, low-key tastes.


The combination of gentle pearls and dignified Alexandrite, complemented by exquisite craftsmanship, perfectly showcases a mother's extraordinary elegance. The gemstone reflects multiple rays of light, reminiscent of a mother's fascinating life experiences. Brilliant and dazzling, the pure and unwavering diamond gives a mother irreplaceable radiance and strength.



Emerald rings:

 Emerald is internationally recognized as one of the top precious gemstones, with a captivating color that is very appealing. Its green hue has a touch of yellow and a hint of blue, creating a mesmerizing effect that never tires the eyes. No matter the weather, emeralds emit a soft yet vibrant glow. As the birthstone for May, emeralds symbolize luck and happiness. Ancient people even believed that wearing an emerald bestowed the wearer with supernatural prophetic abilities, making them intelligent and protecting them from illness. Emeralds represent luck, happiness, and the vitality of all living things, and wearing them brings a lifetime of peace. They are also the traditional gemstone for a 55th wedding anniversary. The color of emeralds (Emerald) is almost unique among all green gemstones. In the history of Western jewelry culture, emeralds are seen as symbols of love and life, representing the vibrant spring season.

The fifth ring we recommend for you features a 14k pure gold band, with an emerald centerpiece surrounded by six moissanite stones and five natural pearls, making it even more radiant. The pear-shaped emerald centerpiece is perfect for lively, cheerful, and sunny mothers.

Mothers were once extraordinary women with their own beautiful dreams, just like any other woman. However, for the sake of their children, they willingly chose a "mundane" life, selflessly dedicating their most beautiful years. The brilliance of precious gemstones and the luster of metals transform into delicate care, while the classic lines evoke daily beauty. This allows warmth to constantly accompany a mother.


Felicegals, in the name of love, offers warm confessions and presents gifts to mothers.

In the Mother's Day special section, we will reduce the price by 10% to help you choose the perfect gift for your mom. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

If your mom isn't usually fond of wearing rings, no problem! Felicegals' new pearl earring collection may be another choice for you.

In the daily grind, she is the hardworking, caring, and gentle soul. In the course of life, she is elegant and charming, with an extraordinary temperament. She is as gentle as water, and as captivating as jewelry. Felicegals' carefully curated Mother's Day collection offers gratitude for a mother's love and presents a dazzling gift. We hope that in the name of love, you can continue your mother's eternal charm.

April 28, 2023 — Zb100 Admin