Welcome to our exclusive Mother's Day celebration at Felicegals! As the season of honoring motherhood approaches, we are delighted to invite you to join us in commemorating the extraordinary women who fill our lives with love and light.
Of course, we have thoughtfully prepared gift guidance for you, so that you can choose more suitable jewelry for your mothers to express your love.
Let us adorn the special mothers in our lives with tokens of love and appreciation from Felicegals, as we celebrate their unwavering love and unparalleled grace.

Motherhood is supernatural

Mother's love is supernatural,it transcends the ordinary bounds of human emotion, reaching depths unfathomed and heights untouched. It is a force that defies logic, flowing endlessly and unconditionally, like a boundless river of tenderness and strength. In the gentle touch of a mother's hand, in the soothing melody of her voice, lies a power beyond comprehension—a power that heals wounds, calms storms, and nurtures souls. It is a love that knows no bounds, spanning lifetimes and eternities, illuminating even the darkest corners of our existence with its radiant warmth.
In nature, leaves and natural gemstones have supernatural powers. Wearing them can also give our body, mind and soul a natural baptism. Our natural inspiration series, natural gemstone rings, pearl products, necklaces and earrings are all participating in the event
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Recommended jewelry gifts for mom

If you want to give your mother a gift, you must first understand what style your mother likes.
If your mom loves green, the outdoors, and fresh air, these Super Natural Style will make great gifts for her

Long Hexagon Moss Agate Leafy Engagement Ring Set 2pcs

The centerpiece of this set is the elongated hexagon-cut moss agate stone, reminiscent of a tranquil woodland pool reflecting the verdant canopy above. Its mesmerizing hues of green and earthy tones dance with the light, captivating the beholder with their organic splendor. Nestled within a delicate leaf-inspired setting, the moss agate radiates a sense of serenity and harmony, inviting your mom to embark on a journey of love and connection.

Unique Moss Agate Engagement Ring Set 2pcs - Lydia

Lydia is the newly launched design by Felicegals and already a best seller. It features a unique 6*9mm kite-shaped center stone that is beautifully centered by a cluster of three-stone trio. The kite-cut main ring serves a firm and strong statement while the marquise band gets in and balances it with a feminine touch. Minimalist and vintage vibes are what we're after.

1.5ct Moss Agate Geometric Halo Diamond Necklace

An extension of the Lydia ring can be used as a jewelry set together with the Lydia ring. The perfect combination of moss agate and necklace will highlight your personality.
If your mom is more traditional and likes classic decor and movies,then she will definitely like these classic-style jewelry

Oval Moissanite Signature Vintage Ring Set 3pcs

At the heart of this set lies a magnificent oval-cut Moissanite, a gemstone renowned for its extraordinary brilliance and fire. Nestled within an intricately designed vintage-inspired setting, the Moissanite sparkles with a mesmerizing intensity, capturing the essence of old-world glamour and romance.

1.5ct Signature Vintage Ring Set 2pcs - Charlotte

The ring set is our proudest and best-selling design by far. The beautifully crafted milgrain details and the moissanite accents truly serve the perfect amount of vintage vibes that is elegant and unique yet - not extra. A classic design that is suitable for every scene.
If your mom is adventurous, likes to try new things and has a lot of personality, then she might really like these Super Natural Stones.

Kite & Pear Cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds Natural Leafy Engagement Ring Set 2pcs

At the heart of the set lies a stunning kite pear-cut salt and pepper diamond, its unique hues and inclusions reminiscent of the dappled sunlight filtering through a forest canopy. Cradled within a delicate leafy setting, the diamond radiates a natural allure, evoking the untamed beauty of the wilderness.

Blue Sandstone Vintage Ring Set 2pcs - Violet

The stunning blue sandstone in the center, reminiscent of a starlit sky on a moonlit night. Its deep azure hue shimmers with ethereal beauty, captivating the eye and stirring the imagination. Encased within an ornate vintage setting, the blue sandstone exudes an air of timeless elegance, evoking visions of grand ballrooms and secret gardens.

Natural Emerald & Natural Opal & Diamond Inspired Earrings

The natural emerald, with its rich green hue, exudes a sense of vitality and renewal, while the opal's iridescent play of color evokes a sense of wonder and magic.
Felicegals is an environmentally friendly jewelry brand - we are committed to producing recyclable and pollution-free rings. We loves nature,forests and plants, we want to make the earth greener and more beautiful.
So we have been collaborating with the global charity One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in vermont. You can donate a tree by placing an order and you can share your tree planting on the order or event page. Let us protect our home together!
Motherhood is the closest semblance of divinity on earth, a sacred gift bestowed upon us to guide, protect, and cherish us through life's myriad journeys.
When you are grateful to your mother, give her a gift from Felicegals. If you become a mother, don’t forget to reward yourself! Happy Mother's Day in advance to all the great mothers!

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April 26, 2024 — Felicegals Admin