The supremacy of diamonds might continue forever but few gemstones are captivating enough to be the best alternative of diamonds in wedding and engagement rings. One of these stones is alexandrite that is famous for its changing hues and rarity. It is ideal for those who want to have a wedding ring with the stone, one of their kind.

Alexandrite provides the best value when it comes to engagement rings. However, if you still have doubts about it read the article till the end to know all about alexandrite being a stone for your big day.


What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a remarkable gemstone that belongs to the rare variety of chrysoberyl. It is distinguished from other stones due to its fascinating pleochroic nature which causes the stone to exhibit diverse colors depending on the surrounding light conditions.

Alexandrite exhibits mesmerizing hues ranging from greenish-blue to dark yellow-green in the presence of natural daylight. When this stone is exposed to the warm glow of incandescent light or the gentle flicker of candlelight it creates a pink to vivid red spectrum.  The interplay of light reveals the hidden beauty of this exceptional gemstone and makes it rare to breathe life into your engagement ring.

History of Alexandrite

Alexandrite was discovered in Russia in 1830. The miners confused it with emeralds because it exhibited green hues. Actually, they were looking for emeralds and thought that this gemstone is an emerald too. However, when the light changed the stone started exhibiting a purple color and they realized that they had discovered a new gemstone.

So, they named it Alexandrite after the Tzar of Russia Alexander the II and was especially respected because the red and green colors exhibited by stone matched the colors of Imperial Russia. Alexandrite is not the specialty of Russia only. They also come from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa. Moreover, they can also be grown in a lab.


Spiritual Nature of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is not only famous due to its wonderful color-changing properties. This gemstone holds a spiritual essence that resonates with the inner self. Its green color symbolizes growth and renewal and harmony with nature to create a sense of balance and peace in the life of one who wears it.

This stone changes to rich purple under different lights and exhibits the importance of change in life and adaptability to that change. It can increase creativity and intuition and encourage self-discovery. As it is a rare and precious stone, it symbolizes gratitude for unique and happy moments in life. The mystical beauty of this stone connects us to the mysteries of the universe and encourages spiritual awakening.

Is Lab grown Alexandrite worth it?

Lab grown alexandrite shares the same physical and chemical properties as natural alexandrite due to which it is called genuine gemstone. The main difference between the stones is just due to their origins as one is created naturally and the other one is synthesized in controlled environments. However, both varieties have color changing effects that change from green in daylight to purple under incandescent light.

Lab created alexandrite is also authentic and can be accessible as desired. Moreover, it offers ethical and cost effective alternatives to expensive gemstones. So, more people can enjoy its beauty without affecting the environment or depleting natural resources. Therefore, no matter whether alexandrite is natural or lab grown it remains a fascinating and enchanting gemstone for engagement rings.

Is Alexandrite good for Engagement Rings?

While most people fall for diamonds, alexandrite is totally worth for becoming the stone for wedding and engagement rings. Here are the few reasons why alexandrite is the best gemstone for engagement rings.

The Color Shifting Marvel

Alexandrite has the unique ability to change color throughout the day that makes it an enchanting gemstone for wedding rings. It has bluish green hue under daylight or fluorescent light and shifts to a purplish red or brownish tone under incandescent light. Due to this natural color changing phenomena this stone is famous by the nickname emerald by day, ruby by night.


Alexandrite has exceptional durability because its hardness values 8.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes it a robust choice for engagement rings. Moreover, it is best for those especially for those who have active lifestyles or jobs that involve hands-on work. Also, its scratch resistant nature enables this stone to withstand any kind of pressure and stay wear and tear proof.

Versatility in Settings

Alexandrite changes colors like a chameleon and looks stunning in any setting. No matter if it is featured in a solitaire setting or is surrounded by sparkling white accent stones it always stands out with its dual personality. Also, it complements all metallic colors like gold, platinum, rose gold and offer endless design possibilities.  

Kaleidoscope of Shapes and Cuts

Alexandrite comes in various shapes and cuts and each has its own unique qualities. The brilliant cuts offer an astounding display of sparkle and color shifts. On the other hand, step cuts highlight gemstone’s color throughout the corners and facets. Moreover, opaque cabochon alexandrite with a cat's eye effect are also available and loved by those who demand a submissive and unique appearance.

Easy Maintenance

Alexandrite is relatively easy to care for and this makes it a practical choice for daily wear. If you have a ring made of this stone, regular cleaning with warm water and dish soap can keep the gemstone shiner for longer. Moreover, routine inspections by a jeweler can keep the gemstone looking its best. You should store it in a lined jewelry box or separate bag to protect this marvel from scratches.


So, if you are convinced to choose alexandrite for your engagement ring you should keep in mind that the sought after green to red color change is relatively rare. The natural alexandrite stones are pricey but lab grown offer the same properties at an affordable cost. A typical ring will cost you around $15000 per carat for smaller stones to $50000 or $70000 for stones bigger than a carat.

Therefore, while buying an alexandrite wedding ring or an alexandrite engagement ring consider your budget, preferred color transitions and design preferences to have the best alexandrite ring for your big day.

Top Picks from Felicegals

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The sparkling colorless Moissanite accents that weigh 0.10ct provide superficial beauty and adorn the band with VS to VVS clarity. The elegant 1.4mm bandwidth enhances the timeless design and makes this ring a stunning symbol of eternal commitment. No doubt this ring is perfect for engagements or anniversaries. This two-piece set is a heartfelt way to express your love and devotion and to provide your partner a lifetime of cherished memories.

2.     1.5ct Alexandrite Signature Vintage Luna Ring Set 2pcs


You can now discover timeless elegance with the exquisite Felicegals Alexandrite & Moonstone Engagement Ring Set. This vintage-inspired 2pcs set features an antique oval 6x8mm Lab Alexandrite on a 14k solid gold band, Moreover, it is complemented by sparkling Colourless Moissanite accents with VS to VVS clarity that is total of 0.20ct. The delicate 1.6mm bandwidth adds elegance to this Art Deco bridal ring and make it perfect for engagements and anniversaries or as a promise of everlasting love.

3.     Lab Alexandrite & Moissanite Rose Gold Ring Set 2pcs


Let elegance meet uniqueness with Felicegals Pear Shaped Purple Lab Alexandrite & Moissanite Rose Gold Ring Set. This unique set is crafted in 14k solid rose gold and it boasts a stunning 6x8mm Lab Alexandrite center stone.

The band sparkles with colorless Moissanite accents of 0.28ct with VS to VVS clarity. The set includes a marquise-cut Moissanite side stone ring and a custom pear-cut Moissanite curved band, both accompanying the center stone beautifully. Moreover, with a sleek 1.4mm bandwidth, this ring set is a perfect blend of style and sophistication for your big day.

August 14, 2023 — Felicegals Admin