Recently, we have seen a big fascinating shift in wedding culture. Young couples are drawn to an idea of celebrating their love in ways that are eco-friendly and budget friendly. These trends have brought in fresh and innovative ways to tie the knot while minimizing the wedding budget and its ecological footprint.

In the same way the traditional stones like diamonds are being replaced by more suitable options like Moissanite, Moss Agate and Moonstone. Keeping this in view Felicegals have brought for you the jewelry selection that is perfect for the green and cost-friendly weddings. So, you can now have the best lab grown and eco friendly stone with the same shine as diamond at an affordable price.

Let’s get in to know more about affordable wedding trends and the jewelry by Felicegals and make your upcoming event dreamy.

The trend of Affordable Weddings Jewelry

With growing time youngsters are shifting their minds towards reducing waste and conserving resources. The stones that were used in the jewelry before are mined from earth which requires a lot of emissions into the atmosphere and labor force to dig and go inside the mines. It was not only bad for the health of the environment but also for the health of those workers.

Though the stones are still mined today, people have become aware of environmental issues and choose to infuse their weddings with values that resonate with sustainability. This alignment showcases how wedding celebrations can be a force for positive change.

Affordable weddings options like environmental friendly wedding and affordable wedding are planned keeping in view the budget. For example, digital invitations are used instead of paper water, food from organic sources is locally cooked and décor items are recycled. Similarly, the selection of wedding jewelry has lab-grown and synthetic stones that are much cheaper than diamonds and other options.

So, people have started opting for affordable options that give the same brightness and durability as diamond at multiple times less cost.

Why Sustainable Wedding Jewelry Matters?

You might think that it is just about a gemstone, what waste it is creating in the environment but it has a lot to do with it. Just like sustainable and budget friendly weddings reduce expenditure and waste, similarly the sustainable jewelry also saves up the environment. Here is why sustainable wedding jewelry choices matter.

Environmental Factors

Traditional diamond is mined from the ground and it is to be dug deep to reach the carbon reserves. Similarly, metal extraction can also have significant environmental impacts like habitat destruction and water pollution. So, if you go for sustainable wedding jewelry, you can directly reduce the ecological footprint associated with your special day.


Diamond jewelry is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Those who want to have an affordable wedding or green wedding may not spend on it. So, sustainable jewelry like moissanite, moonstone and alexandrite can become the replacement. This allows the couple to use their resources in other aspects and secure their money for a good financial future.  

Ethical Considerations

Ethically sourced gemstones and metals are made to make sure that the labor involved in the production process are treated fairly and paid a decent living wage. Diamonds and precious metals like gold and platinum are mined with lots of effort and labor is not paid according to how much effort they put in. With sustainable jewelry there comes a commitment to ethics and values.

Transparency and Responsibility

Sustainable jewelry brands like Felicegals offer transparent sourcing and responsible manufacturing. This not only helps to promote a more accountable experience but also puts a responsibility on them to save environmental resources.

Felicegals Affordable Wedding jewelry

Felicegals is a family-owned jewelry company that was created in 1978. It is dedicated to offering the finest jewelry shopping experience worldwide. Their aim is to hold high standards and design jewelry pieces that are not only affordable but also environmentally friendly.

They create jewelry from lab grown stones and their collection includes Moissanite, Moss Agate, Morganite, Moonstone, Alexandrite and Opal. All of these stones have potential to replace diamonds in the jewelry pieces.

You might think that their affordable jewelry might not beat the quality of expensive ones. But they hold high standards to design the pieces that have meticulously chosen gemstones set and polished by hands of experts. The care and craftsmanship is evident from their every piece.

Felicegals is your environmental saver partner and brings the best rings for you if you want an affordable or green wedding function. They are committed to making quality jewelry accessible to all women. So, they ensure that each ring matches its wearer's beauty and uniqueness.

No matter whatever the function is and how you want to plan it while keeping it in budget and not compromising on quality, Felicegals is making a stress free experience for you in the jewelry department.

Their timeless craftsmanship, and a dedication to social and environmental responsibility to provide a more transparent, and sustainable jewelry for every event is matchless. So, they can meet your gold standard because their jewelry is forever.

Felicegals Wedding and Engagement Rings for Sustainable Weddings

Regardless of what type of wedding you are going to hold, it is not just for a single day. Your wedding day represents a lifetime of love and commitment. That's why Felicegals offers a stunning collection of sustainable wedding and engagement rings. They are designed for eco-conscious couples who value sustainability and affordability and don’t want to compromise on quality and beauty at the same time.

Variety of Styles

Felicegals offers a diverse range of styles for wedding rings so that every couple can find the perfect ring to symbolize their love story. No matter if you are a fan of the timeless elegance of Vintage Rings, the classic allure of Halo Rings, the artful arrangement of Cluster Rings, or the understated beauty of Solitaire Rings they have got you covered for all.

Symbolism in Every Stone

Felicegals make sure that every stone you wear should tell a story. That's why they offer an array of ethically sourced gemstones known for their unique properties and beauty. So, you can choose from the collection of Center Stones, including Moissanite, Moss Agate, Morganite, Moonstone, Alexandrite, and Opal. Each stone has its own captivating allure and you can choose one according to your preferences.

Exquisite Stone Shapes

Felicegals has a collection of many stones that are available in many cuts. Especially the diamond’s brother Moissanite Rings come in various cuts, such as Pear, Oval, Round, Emerald, and Marquise. This huge collection of cuts is to make it sure that you get the shape that resonates with your personal style and preference.

All the stones are lab-created. They don’t not only sparkle brilliantly to make people think that they are diamonds. They also eliminate the concerns about ethical and environmental factors that are often associated with traditional diamond mining.

Felicegals is dedicated to bringing to you the wedding and unique engagement rings that not only symbolize your love but also reflect your commitment to a better future. With their wide range of rings you can wear your piece with pride because it will not only represent your  love story but also your dedication to the planet and responsible consumption.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Felicegals for a ring that is as beautiful as your love. Visit now and get a whopping discount of 12% on your purchase.

September 25, 2023 — Felicegals Admin