Today's young Americans are increasingly favoring custom jewelry for significant occasions like proposals. After all, what's more meaningful than a piece of jewelry tailored for a special day? With Black Friday around the corner, how jewelers in the custom sector play their cards is closely tied to the preferences of these young enthusiasts. Let's dive into how to get the best deals on custom jewelry this Black Friday.


Unlike fast fashion and trendy accessories, custom jewelry requires meticulous communication. Craftsmen then transform these ideas into reality with precision and care. This craftsmanship is the strength of customization, and the time taken is a testament to its value. However, this also poses marketing challenges for jewelers. To stand out during the Black Friday rush, custom jewelers need to adopt unique marketing strategies.


Felicegals, having been in the custom jewelry business for years, is renowned for its detailed craftsmanship and service. As their customer base has grown, so has their product range, evolving from primarily Moissanite rings to unique offerings like aquatic agate, salt and pepper diamonds, and lab-grown diamonds. This shift mirrors the changing engagement ring preferences of Americans. The way Felicegals is approaching Black Friday marketing gives insights into the broader trends in the custom jewelry sector.


  1. Extend the Black Friday Timeline for Layered Marketing to Maximize Customization Needs  

Black Friday isn't just about the day itself. Felicegals kicked off their Black Friday deals on November 2nd. Their custom process, from initial discussions to final delivery, typically takes three to four weeks. This year, they've designated November 2nd to 15th as the "Early Bird" period, ideal for those planning Christmas proposals. From November 16th to 25th, they're ramping up their offers with a 15% discount and free diamond necklaces for orders over $1999. Notably, they've also extended their Black Friday deals until November 30th, showing their commitment to the season.



  1. Sincerity is the Key: Genuine Discounts and Authentic Service Define Black Friday's Essence  

As an emerging brand specializing in custom jewelry, Felicegals aims to win trust with realistic pricing and installment options. While they usually offer an 8% discount, they've upped it to 15% for Black Friday, with select items even doing a 20% flash sales. They've also prepared special free diamond necklaces for Black Friday shoppers. Recognizing that many customers discuss disliking their engagement rings on review sites, Felicegals has created a special section where users can secretly see what products are being liked by others and can even share their favorite products with their partners using our section - basically Felicegals can help you drop a hint to your significant other.

  1. Sustainability But Not Just That

Sustainability is a timeless topic. While Felicegals is committed to ethical sourcing, they understand that customers today also long for something personal and something individual - something unique. Their best-selling product, Lydia, is a testament to this. This Black Friday, Felicegals makes it green by turning it into a "Green Friday," combines sustainability with their moss agate collection, emphasizing the message: "Cherish your unique self." Just as no two moss agates are identical, no two individuals are the same.  


"For Felicegals, sustainability and affordability are core values we want to convey. This year, we're adding 'uniqueness' to the mix. We hope that all custom jewelry enthusiasts can find their own unique and sustainable pieces at an affordable price this Black Friday." - Felicegals

November 16, 2023 — Felicegals Admin