Bridal set 3pcs

Bridal set 3pcs

The 3pcs wedding set actually refers to rings, earrings, and necklaces. Why use these three pieces as a three-piece set of jewelry?

Three-piece suits actually refer to rings, necklaces, and earrings. Have you noticed a situation? Do you see if other friends also have these three pieces of jewelry when they get married? Of course, they will also add other pieces, but these three pieces are necessary, and now I heard that there are already five-piece sets. So why are these three pieces of jewelry set as a three-piece wedding jewelry set? That is because most couples pay attention to these three pieces of jewelry when buying jewelry, and when these three types of jewelry are purchased together, they will be more discounted. The most crucial point is that the combination of these three kinds of jewelry will make the bride appear noble, elegant and temperamental.

Wedding rings: Wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt. The ring is worn on the ring finger of the bride to show the bride's loyalty and obedience to the bride. In modern times, the ring is exchanged at weddings, and the ring is worn on the ring finger. It means that the left hand is connected to the heart, and the heart is in love. And nowadays most of the wedding rings are made of diamond rings or platinum rings.

Wedding earrings: Among all jewelry, earrings are the most obvious and most important face on the human body. Therefore, the correct choice and wearing of earrings is a very important beauty science. Wearing earrings should pay attention to earrings and face shape, skin color and body shape. , Clothing and use are coordinated to achieve the best beauty effect.

Wedding necklace: The material of wedding necklace is similar to that of ring. There are mainly three kinds of diamonds, pearls, and gems. When choosing a necklace, you should make a reasonable match according to the bride's makeup, wedding dress, face shape, and skin tone.

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