Engagement ring, bridal set

Engagement ring, bridal set

  I believe everyone has the experience of participating in weddings. Usually we will see Sina brides exchanging rings in the wedding ceremony, but some friends have doubts, such as whether the ring in the wedding ceremony is real? When should the ring be worn? Is the ring to be worn with a certificate or after the wedding? Let's take a look at the following content, maybe it can answer your confusion!
Wedding ring

  • Is the ring in the wedding ceremony real?

1. Regarding whether to use a real ring or a fake ring in the wedding ceremony, everyone has different ideas. Some friends think that the craft ring or gold-plated silver-plated ring should not be used in the knot ceremony. Generally, platinum or gold-plated rings are used in the wedding ceremony. Only pure gold rings have commemorative significance.

2. But some friends think that fake rings are fine, because now many people choose to use fake rings in wedding ceremonies to prevent the wedding ceremony from being overwhelmed, and losing the real ring will make it difficult to deal with it. After all, it's true. The price of wedding rings is not cheap, so in order to avoid such a situation, it is safer to use fake rings, and to exchange rings at the wedding, no one is going to explore the authenticity of the ring.

3. So we will know whether the rings used in wedding ceremonies are real or fake, and they each have their own advantages. If there is someone to take care of the newcomer's ring, or there are no other complicated links, then it is really better to use it. But if the wedding company or the best man and bridesmaid is not reliable enough, it is safer to use a fake ring, because the wedding occasion is messy, and it will be bad if you lose it.

  • Does the ring have to be worn after having a marriage certificate?

1. There is no hard and fast rule for a wedding ring. It can be worn after receiving the certificate or on the day of the wedding. If you want to keep yourself a sense of ritual, then the wedding ring can be reserved for the day of the wedding ceremony.

2. Most people believe that it can be worn when getting engaged or getting a certificate. Although they wear wedding rings at the wedding, this is only a part of the ceremony. It is just like changing the name to parents. In fact, they have changed their words before, but the sense of ritual at the wedding is still necessary.

3. Whether in film or television dramas or in daily life, we will see such romantic and touching wedding scenes. At the wedding scene, the couple exchanges rings after the marriage declaration is made. The exact time to wear the wedding ring is indeed the wedding scene. It is a ring that men and women bring to each other with a beautiful promise. It is a declaration and testimony of love. It is also a symbol of unswerving death and endurance. That is what marriage is obtained in front of everyone.

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