Felicegals most popular star products!

Felicegals most popular star products!

Vintage Jewelry Styles That Will Make You Excited To Dress Up Again

In our daily life, many of us prefer simple and comfortable sports styles. Perhaps many people have forgotten how to match clothes for other occasions besides daily wear. Then, let Felicegals come to provide some inspiration for your social networking!

Although we cannot deny that casual clothes are really comfortable, but we often imagine what kind of clothes we will wear when we go out to socialize. As some places in the world gradually began to open their doors to meet face-to-face, the dating scene and the demand for fashionable clothing gradually began to appear. In your dazzling wardrobe, you still need a perfect jewellery to refresh your summer wardrobe. Here Felicegals has carefully selected some of the most popular exquisite jewelry for you. I believe that they will make you excited to dress up again!

1.5ct Moissanite Vintage Inspired Ring

This is a crown ring that crowns true love. It continues the legendary love between Napoleon and Queen Josephine. It interprets the crowning of love and the perfect vow of your life. The material is made of 14K gold. The main diamond adopts a classic double-claw design. The oval main diamond is matched with 3 dazzling sub-diamonds in each of the 4 symmetrical positions, which perfectly creates the romance and sparkle of the crown ring. The beading craftsmanship on the ring arm and ring base gives you a double luxury feeling, showing a gorgeous temperament.

1.5ct Moissanite Vintage Inspired Ring

If you want the ring to echo your colorful clothes, then you have these choices.

Vintage Inspired Ring

This is a very retro wedding ring in design. Regarding this design, we have also done many series extensions.
For example, if you want your ring to be more compact and exquisite.

Moonstone & Moissanite Rose Gold Art Deco Ring

If you want the greatest display of your gems, I would recommend this one.

Moonstone & Moissanite Rose Gold Halo Ring

For another example, if you are more interested in a marquise-shaped gemstone ring, then this will be a good choice. It is worth mentioning that the marquise-shaped gemstone will modify your hand shape more and make your hand look better. It looks more slender.

Marquise Cut Lab Alexandrite Art Deco Ring


Final ThoughtsWhich of these jewelry picks would you love to wear this summer? Share with us in the comments below or on our Instagram or Facebook!

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