Cost comparison of moissanite and diamonds

Cost comparison of moissanite and diamonds
  • The biggest difference between Moissan diamonds and diamonds is that Moissan diamonds can be reliably produced in a laboratory, and the price of such a perfect gemstone is only one-tenth of a diamond.
  • Cost comparison of Moissanite diamonds and diamonds
  • Cost comparison of Moissan diamonds and diamonds
  • diamond:
  • 1 carat, VG cut I color, VS clarity, with GIA certificate
  • Blue Nile in the United States: Price: $5,565
  • Moissanite:
  • 6.5 mm (1.0 carat), perfect cut
  •, USA: Quoted at US$599
  • Why you should not buy a diamond:
  • 1. The price of diamonds has always been controlled by the De Beers Group, and the result of the monopoly is an inflated price. 
  • 2. Now people’s understanding of diamonds is basically the brainwashing of diamond marketing. This marketing action was created in 1938, and diamonds are long-lasting. The slogan that will always circulate was created at that time. The purpose is to make The public accepts diamonds, agrees that diamonds are rare and expensive, and through constant inculcation of ideas, people feel that diamonds are expensive. At this time, the price of cheap small carat diamonds has risen geometrically, but it was not worth anything before.
  • 3. Diamond is an illiquid asset, not an "investment" product. If you don't believe me? Then you try to sell a second-hand diamond ring that you have brought on Taobao. Do you think you can use 20% off or the lowest 50% off and someone will take your ring? Do you think the price of diamonds will continue to rise? Being an investment diamond is really not a good project, because when you need to sell it urgently, there is almost no way to recover your diamonds.
  • 4. The source of diamonds is full of terror, fund wars, genocide, and terrorism. According to Wikipedia: "Conflict diamonds (also known as blood diamonds or war diamonds) usually come from war zones. They are mined, sold, and traded in war zones." The profits generated by conflict diamonds are used by warlords in Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia and other countries. The war, which made them have the money to buy weapons to start wars and kill innocent civilians, is this called romance?
  • 5. A diamond is just a beautiful stone. According to the income data of domestic residents, people need to spend an average of two months' wages at least to buy a ring, and many friends buy it because they are preparing to get married, and marriage requires a lot of money. , And working overtime every day, braving the cold wind, going out early and returning to work for two months every day under the scorching sun, only in exchange for a stone that depreciates more than 50% after purchase. Do you think it is wise? does it worth?
  • 6. People pay too much attention to the diamond parameters advertised by the merchants, 4C standards, etc. The human eye is just the naked eye. When looking at diamonds of the same score, they feel exactly the same under different clarity, unless the color of the diamond is very poor. It's yellow, but this one is already below the I color. There are basically no diamond dealers who sell it. The dealer sets so many different parameters for the diamond in order to increase the value of the diamond. In fact, the essence of a diamond is just a beautiful stone. Is it worth it?
  • 7. Buying diamonds will lose the opportunity to improve the quality of life. Many people say that buying a diamond will also lose the opportunity to improve the quality of life? Yes, if you buy a large carat of diamonds, at least 40,000 to 100,000, which means you will spend 100,000 less on other places, such as a car, a honeymoon trip, a set of beautiful furniture, Or the down payment for a real estate in a remote city. If it is a small carat diamond, it will also cost more than 5,000 yuan, which means that other parts of the wedding have to reduce expenses to pay for this cost, or this money can be used as a child's education fund. Is it worth it to spend so much money for a small piece of colorless carbon?
  • Why Moissanite diamonds are a better choice than diamonds, especially wedding rings:
  • 1. Engagement or wedding rings have emotional value, not asset or investment value. A wedding ring has only two functions: (1) it looks beautiful and (2) it serves as a witness to love and happiness. Therefore, we need to achieve the best results with the lowest cost and the highest cost-effective ring. Moissan diamonds completely surpass diamonds in terms of price and beauty, and durability is similar to diamonds, so Moissan diamonds are much more cost-effective.
  • 2. All Moissanite diamonds are perfect. Because Moissanite diamonds are produced in the laboratory, the quality can be easily controlled, and defective products can be found in time for storage and disposal. However, after digging deep into the deposit layers, the diamonds are found to have flaws on the ground and it is impossible to discard them. This means that the Moissan diamonds you buy will be of better quality than expensive diamonds.
  • 3. Spending less means that you can use the money you save in places you like, such as watching a concert, changing to a new mobile phone, signing up for a fitness class or a yoga class, the relatively low price of Mozambique , So that you can have more choices, no need to save money to buy a diamond ring, and the quality of life will improve linearly.
  • 4. There is no need to worry about whether the Moissan diamond will be seen as a diamond. I show the Moissan diamond to my friends. They will 100% think it is a diamond, and it is a very good quality diamond, because they see The fire of the Moissan diamond was very shining, and none of them thought it was a diamond.
  • 5. You can rest assured that your hard-earned money is not funding the warlords in Africa, and you will not dream about the scenes of innocent civilians losing their lives because of funding.
  • 6. You can buy more general jewelry with less money. The price of Moissan diamonds is only one-tenth. The customized styles of diamonds are famous for their sky-high prices, and the customized models are not unattainable in the eyes of Moissan diamonds. Designing a diamond ring that suits your wife's temperament will warm up your relationship a lot.
  • Let yourself think about whether to buy a Moissanite
  • I spent a lot of time researching Moissan diamonds, because after all, I don’t have much money myself. If I buy diamonds, I can only buy a small fraction. After researching this month, I think I’m right to buy Moissan diamonds. s Choice. If you are a person who is going to buy a diamond ring, you should go to see the Moissan diamond before buying a diamond ring, as a chance to give yourself one more choice.
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